Understanding The Lived Experience of Children and Families

As a practice supervisor you play a central role in ensuring that children and families' experiences are accurately understood and explored with them by social workers. Modelling these discussions in supervision is a key factor in promoting this approach to practice.

The resources in this section are organised into two areas:

Each area contains a knowledge briefing for practice supervisors and learning tools.

The learning resources in this section will prompt you to:

  • Reflect on how you can encourage social workers to build transparent relationships with parents so that their voices and views are heard.
  • Consider how you can help social workers take account of the impact of poverty, diversity and social inequality when working with children and families.
  • Use systemic tools and frameworks to help you ensure that the experiences of children and families are a central element of discussion in reflective supervision.

Briefing for Senior Managers

This short briefing is written specifically for senior managers and strategic leads. It presents a summary of key recommendations about how organisations can support practice supervisors to ensure that understanding the lived experience of children and families is a central element of social work practice.

Webinar icon Webinar - Amplifying the voices and views of children and families in reflective supervision

This webinar, presented by Tom Stibbs, Principal Social Worker and practice supervisors from Brighton and Hove, alongside Professor Michelle Lefevre from the University of Sussex, explores how the voices and experiences of children and families can be a central element of reflective supervision and why this is important in practice.

Scoping Report PSDP - Feedback from children, young people, parents and carers

You may also be interested in reading this Scoping Report from Children Young People and Families commissioned as part of the PSDP development.