Maximising Your Impact As A Practice Supervisor

We have highlighted the potential influence which you have as a practice supervisor throughout this website. You play a key role in:

  • supporting and motivating individual supervisees
  • ensuring an excellent standard of evidence-informed practice is provided to children and families
  • creating a containing and reflective learning culture for your staff team.

In order to provide high-quality relational supervision to the staff you supervise you need to be contained and supported yourself. You need to have to have the time and space to reflect on some of the dilemmas and challenges of your role, to receive support and feedback and have the opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge.

The learning tools in this section are organised into two areas:

  • Promoting Evidence-Informed Practice – this section helps you review how you can use evidence more effectively in your role as practice supervisor.
  • Reviewing your Learning – this section contains resources to help you review your skills and knowledge as a practice supervisor and identify areas which you wish to continue to work on. You may have already completed some of these tools in the first section ‘Your journey to being a practice supervisor’. These are provided again to give you an opportunity to reflect on how using the materials and resources in this website has impacted on your learning.

The learning resources in this section will prompt you to:

  • Explore why evidence-informed practice is important in child and family social work and how you can use evidence to inform decision making and reflective discussions in supervision.
  • Consider the benefits of using  social media to be more evidence-informed and connect with others in the wider professional network.
  • Review how you want to develop your skills in facilitating reflective and relational discussions in supervision further.
  • Use the principles of training transfer to consider how you and your team can embed and apply learning in practice.

Briefing for Senior Managers

This short briefing is written specifically for senior managers and strategic leads. It presents a summary of key recommendations about how senior leaders can support practice supervisors to consider how they can maximise their impact and continue to develop skills and confidence in their role.

Webinar icon Webinar: Evidence-informed practice supervision

This webinar with Dr Susannah Bowyer, Assistant Director at Research in Practice, explains the key principles of evidence-informed practice, why this is important in child and family social work and how practice supervisors can promote evidence-informed decision making.